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Ever since I did the first picture of these two (found >here< if you’ve never seen it) I’ve wanted to do this secondary piece of little Miss Booty with her catch. I finally got around to coloring it today.
Overall I’m happy with how it came out, I stylized them a bit different now that my drawing skills have grown since the first illustration. I also changed up her clothing and colors because I don’t like her colors in the first picture :C they’re bleh. Blue and yellow is much better, yis. And if he looks cramped in there it’s on purpose, though I won’t lie trying to fit him in there and keep everything readable was a challenge… fun though! I’d like at some point to revisit the first picture too and sort of remake it.. with better colors and drawing and all. But goodness knows I always say I want to and then never have time to. So at least I got this second one done alright :D


::Edit:: Re-uploaded it since I added a bunch more stuff and tweaked the colors
::Edit:: I’m so incredibly grateful to everyone who liked this picture! I was completely floored when I checked my tumblr this morning and saw the crazy amount of notes in my inbox! If you like the picture enough to want a print or a laptop skin, I have them available here
Thanks guys! <3

A French Pirate serenades a Caribbean merman.

This was a lot of fun and I have to say I’m quite pleased with the result. It’s a digital color but one of the better ones I’ve done. Also doing a sparkly merman as opposed to a sparkly mermaid was a fun change up.

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