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Just made some finishing touches on this last night (aka screentones) while watching the Swan Princess to unwind after a super stressful day of epic fail apartment hunting.

I haven’t been around much nor working on much art because I just accepted a job two hours from where I live and I’ve been trying to find an apartment on my days off while working 35 hours a week at the same time @_@;;; My old job ends Oct 4th and my new on starts Oct 6th so trying to find an apartment in that time is hard, and then moving in that time as well…STRESS STRESS STRESS.

But this is an artist trading card for VanillatheFox on deviantart. 2.5x3.5 inches, fineliner pens, white gel pen, copic black marker, and traditional screentones+x-acto knife. 

Did I mention I freaking love screentones? I feel like it takes my black and white work up another level and I really REALLY wanna do a traditionally screentoned comic. 

Approx 3 hours.

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